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Old Car City - Part 2

Now that we are through the entrance, we get to explore this playground of old cars. Right away you are greeted with these fantastic views of old and forgotten cars that are nestled between the tall pine trees. You instantly get the sense that they have been sitting there in the same place for decades. Buried under layers of pine needles and covered in moss with shimmers of light peaking through when the sun hits the chrome just right.

We walked around the yard for several hours taking hundreds of pictures and could of easily taken hundreds more. As I stood there surrounded by the silent decay of what was such an iconic era of the automobile industry, I couldn't help but to be curious as to how these cars ended up here. Some where obvious because of the collision damage, but some seemed to be almost perfect. Appearing as if they were driven in, put in park, and then just left to sit among the other rotting relics.

It is the possibilities that keep me so curious about each car. The memories made in them. How many kids were transported back and forth in the school bus, or how much pot was smoked in that Chrysler with the Astroworld sticker on it? How many times did the station wagon haul a bunch of teenagers to the lake in the summer time, or was the smashed up car evolved in a high speed chase? There would be so many stories told if only these cars could tell them.

This is where my mind goes when I see things that are forgotten, but are such an integral part of my life. I have such a passion for cars that has brewed in me since I was just a child. To some they are just a car and they never think twice, but for those of us who are crazy about them it goes much deeper. It sparks our own memories and feelings we had at certain times in our lives. I will be making another trip back to see Old Car City USA again and this time, I will not forget my tripod!

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