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Off Camera Flash

Why using an off camera flash can really help enhance a portrait.

I love using flash for my portraits because it gives me control over the mood and look of the portrait. When you use natural light it can make the photo appear a bit flat, but when flash is introduced the photographer can usually get the person to really stand out from the background, creating a stunning portrait.

As soon as I used one flash, I became a fan. Creating a beautiful portrait became much easier for me. I can use one flash or five, depending on what kind of lighting I want to use to create the image. Usually I start with one main flash with a soft box to light the person. Once I have the main light set up I will then use the other lights as fillers to soften the shadows, or to create rim light to separate the person from the background. The great thing about flash is it can be used inside and also outside. When flash is used outside you don't have to choose an area that isn't in the shade or a specific time of day because the flash with create a stunning picture anywhere. There are so many ways to use flash that allows the photographer to really be creative during a photo session, creating different looks, moods, and memories for the session.

Once you experience the joy of having your picture taken with off camera flash you will usually want to have another session. Personally after I got my first picture with off camera flash I was impressed with how good it made me look that anytime I got a new outfit or hair cut I instantly wanted to do another session.

If you are interested in experiencing session with us just give us a call or send us a message, We would love to create beautiful portraits with you!

Written by Lisa Fisher

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