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To start things off with, my name is Brad and I am half of 8th Mile Photography. In this blog I will share a little about me and why I take photos the way that I do.

I grew up around cars and have always had a passion for them. I love all makes and models as they all have their unique features. More so, I love the passion that people have for their car! We all build our cars for our own personal reason. It might be a car that most don't seem to like, but maybe it was their dads car and this is the only memory they have of them? We never know why people do what they do, but we can all relate to the passion of making our cars unique. That is why I do what I do. To help someone capture the soul of their car and to also show them that there is someone else out there who they can share their passion with.

In this day and age of digital photography it has never been easier to get out and take great pics of your car. Clean up your car, grab your phone, and head out just at sunset and you have a recipe for a decent shot! That is fantastic for people who just want cool shots to post on Instagram or their social media of choice, but when you are really wanting to have something to hang on your wall, then the game changes a little.

Don't get me wrong, natural light is fantastic looking, but it is not always going to cooperate. This is one of the main reasons that I have gravitated to using flash and light painting to do most of my work. I love having control of the light. I can accentuate the body lines of the car and really show off the shape, or I can just make sure that it is evenly lit. Natural light has it's advantages though. I could meet you somewhere, bang out about 25 quality shots in less than an hour and be on my way. Where as using flash is a lot more work, but well worth it to me.

One of the many shots used to make the final image.

When it comes to shooting a car with older paint and patina, the flash really brings out the texture, which results in a more dimensional photograph. When it comes to "shiny cars" as I call them, light painting is really my gear of choice when I am doing full body shots. It lets me light it without getting the hot spots from the flash. Unless you have a studio with a huge soft box overhead that is. I also love using the flash to really separate the car from the background. When you look at one of my photographs, you see the car. The shapes stand out as well as the details. Your eye is not being distracted with stuff going on in the background.

At the end of the day we all have our own tastes and talents. Photography is a form of art. This is my style and I will always continue to learn and develop my skills. If all you have is a phone and a car then by all means just get out and take some pics. Capture those moments whenever possible and just enjoy being out. If at some point you want something different and want something to hang on the wall then feel free to connect with me and we can do this together!



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